Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Quick Treat

I think we can all agree that this...

...means one thing.

There's nothing more delicious than white and milk chocolate marbled strawberries on a cold, winter's weeknight.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Greenwich Mean Time

Every now and then, when London gets too much, I'll take a trip to Greenwich - a town that couldn't feel more detached from London and could be mistaken for any countryside village... If it weren't for the distant views of Canary Wharf across the Thames. 

Over Christmas I'll always head over to Greenwich for the market; the food stalls (the important bit) are out all weekend and this year I purchased some jams and marmalade's from Doigs of Troon and some doggy popcorn from another stall - both made for much appreciated Christmas gifts.

This time however, we went to visit The Royal Observatory. We visited the little line (technical term) that separates the East and West longitudes and although this doesn't make for a very visually please picture, it was fun jumping from side to side, arguing whether East or West side was the best!


En route home, we stopped by a nice pub to warm up. We chose ales from the menu that were brewed locally - this chocolate porter was delish, but a meal in itself! The burger that came after was unnecessary!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Brixton Village

The day I got my keys to my flat was the first day I'd ever been to Brixton. Working full-time through the summer meant that I was unable to make any of our viewings, so I left the whole process down to my boyfriend... And what a good job he did! I love my flat and contrary to any preconceptions, I love Brixton.

We live between Brixton and Clapham really.. meaning that in the summer Clapham Common is only a short walk away and in the winter all of the cosy pubs are an even shorter walk away. But my favourite part of Brixton by far is Brixton Village.  

If you head down to The Village on a weekend it is going to be pretty busy... and choosing your restaurant can be a bit daunting. Although I am yet to have a bad experience here, I will share with you some of my top favourites anyway!


The thing about Wishbone is that it serves (quality) fried chicken and cocktails - and that my friends, is all you need in life. 

This place is seriously good, we sat on that first table on the left there and ate loads of buffalo wings (the marinade is amazing), chicken sandwiches and God's gift to the world... Hot Mess! This is basically nacho's but using hash browns instead of tortilla chips. 


This cool little pizza bar scores top marks if you're looking for somewhere to meet friends, grab a pizza and listen to live music. They have bands there at weekends who play outside the fishmongers opposite! Glam? No. Fun and yum? Yes!


This quaint little restaurant uses all locally sourced goods that they also sell in their shop. The selection of English wines is amazing and everything I ate felt so fresh and flavoursome! I had ham croquettes, some kind of meatballs and mackerel pate (where are the accents on this keyboard??!). It all made for such a nice lunch for two.

This is just a quick write up, but I promise the next time I hit Brixxy Village I'll take my camera and provide some much loved food porn.

(Photos via: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

January Blues

To combat my January Blues I'm booking a holiday. 

We've decided to embark on a little two week trip around Greece, starting in Athens for the culture, then Ios for the partying and lastly, but for me most excitingly, Santorini for what I believe will be 6 days of absolute bliss. I have never been to Santorini before, but the below pictures have led me to this conclusion. 

I've never seen somewhere look so heavenly.

(Photo's from: here, here, here and here.) 

Standout CV's

As someone who is currently seeking a job/internship (hit me up if you're interested), I began thinking about ways to make my CV really stand out. As with many of the brainstorms thought-showers, this quickly led to a quick round of Googleing...

Let me introduce Loft Resumes! An amazing American company who give your boring corporate CV a creative makeover! Great for those of us in the media industry... and lucky for us, their service is available outside of the states. 

Such a clever idea. I will definitely invest in a CV makeover when I graduate.

My fave design is "The Market Square" below... what's yours?